A Fun, No-Fuss Dining idea for Corolla Vacationers

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Today, we cover a fun dining option offered by a well-known bistro/take-out business in Corolla: Steamers Shellfish To Go — just called Steamers by the locals — located in the TimBuck II Shopping Center on NC 12.

We had a great time talking with Kathy Newbern and J.S. Fletcher when they stopped by to review Steamers restaurant for

Steamer pots are a unique meal for your group to eat out on your deck overlooking the ocean on sound; it’s not only good, fresh seafood, but a fantastic social meal and the conversation can flow while the smells and juices of the succulent crustaceans become part of the experience.

If you choose to eat-in, Steamers is attractive with chalkboard posted menus, and glass cases full of desserts and sides to tempt you plus rows of steamer pots on display.