A Warm, Cozy Feeling

· Southern Shores,Steamers News

Who doesn’t need to take a step back into some semblance of normal after a year of COVID-19? Hence our inspiration for our outdoor seating area complete with fire pits and overhead heaters for our outside tables where everyone can feel safe and comfortable. We are enjoying them so much, we might just carry on with this plan until the humidity hits 95%…

Still more comfortable with takeout only? We offer our complete dine in menu for takeout & curbside and invite you to have a drink at one of our fire pits prior to pick up! We have placed adherence to state guidelines as our first priority since the out break; all our inside seating is a minimum of 6ft apart and we deep clean our restaurant everyday to ensure the safety of our staff and our guests. Thank you for continuing to support us & for the kind words of praise and encouragement on the job we are doing. We look forward to serving you!