Beachgoers “Heart” Steamers Gourmet Take Out

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After 20 years of dishing up who knows how many Steamer Pots To Go, we had more than an inkling that Steamers is a favorite take out spot for beachgoers on the Outer Banks. But after receiving the good news that TripAdvisor had honored Steamers with a “2013 Certificate of Excellence” and that Urbanspoon named us one of the “Best North Carolina Restaurants 2013,” we decided to take a peek at what folks were actually saying about Steamers Gourmet Take Out.

After reviewing the reviews, here are just a few that we think get to the heart of why beachgoers “heart” Steamers Gourmet Take Out.

“Great way to start a vacation! If you are renting in Corolla, you should definitely order from Steamers one night. We have been coming to Corolla for 12 years. A few years ago we decided to avoid the grocery store rush on the day we checked in and to order seafood instead…After driving and getting settled, catching up with family and friends, we can just relax, eat great food, and start our week long vacation without any stress. Priceless!” Aly H

“Amazing Steam Pots!! Got a steam pot to go with Lobster, crab legs, and it was absolutely amazing. So much food in there, and the instructions are simple to follow. We added beer to ours, and it turned out wonderfully. It was the was best place we had seafood on the trip, and I highly recommend anyone going there!” Ryan K

“Awesome!! We had never ordered from here or any seafood to go place before. We were very skeptical but very pleasantly surprised! Their customer service was terrific. We just called, told them how many people and what kind of seafood we wanted and they figured out how much of each to put in the pot.” Jenandbob97

“Perfect for a big group after a day at the beach. We called and ordered in the afternoon and it was ready for our desired pickup time. The spiced shrimp and ribs combo pleased our crowd. No hassle to cook and easy to clean up.” IIMFD

What these diners have experienced is the sweet deal that Steamers offers—the relief of not having to get everyone showered, dressed, and out the door after a long day at the beach, not to mention less time spent cooking or waiting for a table. The adults can relax and drink their own beer and wine while the kids run around and play.

And with a variety of fresh fried, grilled and steamed seafood, Steamer Pots To Go, a Kids Meals menu, and meat and veggie options like baby back ribs and vegetarian lasagna, there is something for everyone, even the pickiest eaters.

So while you are in our neck of the beach, start your own Outer Banks tradition by ordering Steamers Gourmet Take Out, the ultimate no-hassle dining solution to a long day at the beach. Call in and place an order to be picked up at a specified time or just walk in and place an order at the counter and enjoy a microbrew or glass of wine on the deck while you wait for your 5-star Steamers Gourmet To Go meal.

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