Carolina Epicurean Covers Steamers!

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Carolina Epicurean, ranked by Urbanspoon as the #1 restaurant blog for the State of North Carolina Outside Major Cities, recently posted an article about Steamers entitled, Outstanding Season of Seafood on OBX.

As noted in the piece, chef Chris Braswell has been busy in the offseason meeting with boutique shellfish purveyors and local crabbers and watermen and the news is good. This year’s little neck clams, oysters, soft shell crabs, scallops, and Alaskan snow and jumbo king crabs will be some of the finest.

I have added Sewansecott clams and oysters from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Harvested right out of the Atlantic Ocean side by a family owned company that has been in business since 1903, they are the freshest and saltiest shellfish I have ever eaten. These are by far the best clams and oysters I have been able to get my hands on in 15 years. I am confident it will be the year of the little necks at Steamers.