Soft shell crab season and other MOMentous occasions to celebrate at Steamers

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Each year, around the first full moon of May, vacationers and locals on the Outer Banks are treated to a very tasty event. It’s the peak of soft shell crab season, when the wonderful local blue crabs are coming out of their shells to bring us that fresh deliciousness we all crave.

Steamers is renowned for its soft shell crabs for a number of reasons. For one, our crabs are always freshly caught by local crabbers right here on the Outer Banks. Then, we thoroughly clean our crabs, taking extra steps to remove the whole top and wash the crab out completely.

“It’s very important to us to always serve the finest and freshest ingredients, because it’s important to our customers,” says Chris Braswell, Chef and Co-Owner of Steamers. “And we pay great attention to detail in the preparation of our foods. With our soft shells, customers get nothing pure, fresh, perfectly prepared crab meat.”

Finally, Steamers serves up its delicious soft shell crabs in two tantalizing dishes, from our famous Fried Soft Shell Crab Sandwich to a Fried Soft Shell Crab Plate. There’s something to delight every taste and please every palate.

Be sure to take a look at our menu to check out our delicious soft shell crab dishes >

Special MOMents like these call for Steamers

Serving up some fresh and gourmet TLC to celebrate Mom.

May is a month for festivals and celebrations, and none are more important than Mother’s Day. At Steamers, we say, “Moms rule!” While we’re not open on Sundays, Steamers is the place to treat her like royalty all week long.

“With our great food and festive, friendly atmosphere, Steamers knows how to make Mom feel special” says Linda Coats, Co-Owner. “You know she would love one of our scrumptious soft shell crab dishes. Or, if you want something to go, take home our famous Steamer Pots To Go®. It makes a great feast, and Mom doesn’t have to cook.”

No matter what you choose, give Mom a feast of freshness and flavor. There’s no better way to celebrate the people you love than with the food you adore at Steamers.

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