Steamers closes for the season on September 30…but not for long.

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Steamers has always closed for the season at the end of September. This year will be no exception, as Steamers closes on September 30. Yet this is no typical closing. Because it will be the very last time Steamers closes for the season. Later this Winter, Steamers will move to its new location in Southern Shores Crossing , and be open year-round.

The significance of this final closing of the “old” Steamers is not lost on its owners. “We’re very excited about the move, and we want to close with our special Steamers style,” says Chris Braswell, Chef and Co-Owner of Steamers. “It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, and we hope everyone comes out this month and celebrates with us. We want to make this a September to remember. Plus, we’ll have some special promotions that we’ll be announcing through social media.”

When it opens later this Fall, the new Steamers will be bigger and better—still the superb quality gourmet food you know and love, only kicked up a notch, with new menu items and other goodies. Perhaps the biggest change is that it is expanding to become a full-service restaurant, including a full bar.

“We’re thrilled about our new location and the expanded service we’ll be able to offer,” says Linda Coats, Co-Owner of Steamers. “We’ll have more tables and chairs and an easygoing coastal living feel in a bright, airy space. Not to mention a gorgeous view of the ocean from our outdoor deck. We’ll be open all day long—from lunch to dinner with no break. More than ever, Steamers will truly be ‘on the beach and off the hook.’”

“Until then, we’re still serving up lots of Fresh & Gourmet at our present location. We’re looking forward to closing the season with a bang,” Linda added.

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