Fresh & Gourmet have found a new home

· Southern Shores

Southern Shores, here we come!

Steamers has always been known (some might say famous) for its gourmet food, using only the best and freshest possible ingredients. Every meal is truly a feast. Soon Steamers will offer a dining experience that is the equal of its cuisine.

When Steamers’ Corolla location closes in September, it will be for good. Very, very good. Because in the Winter, Steamers will open its new location in Southern Shores. The relocated Steamers will offer a full-service restaurant and full bar, with tables and chairs and ample seating in a relaxed atmosphere.

“This is a very exciting time for all of us at Steamers,” says Linda Coats, Co-Owner. “Moving to our new location—and the chance to be a full-service restaurant—is a big step up for us. Our customers will really love this location. It has an easygoing Coastal Living feel in a bright, airy space.”

The new Steamers location will continue to offer its famous take out, although the primary focus will be on dining in. The restaurant will be open all day long for lunch and dinner with no break to accommodate those who have a mid-afternoon craving to indulge. Perhaps the biggest change for Steamers is that it will now be open year-round, so winter visitors can also get in on the feast.

Always Fresh & Gourmet, just kicked up a notch.

One thing that will never change at Steamers is our commitment to using only the best and freshest ingredients. The new Steamers location will still have the superb quality gourmet food you know and love, only kicked up a notch—with an expanded menu and other delicious surprises.

“Those who love our traditional offerings won’t be disappointed,” says Chris Braswell, Chef and Co-Owner of Steamers. “But we think our customers will also be delighted by some of our new menu items. Either way, fresh and gourmet will always rule at Steamers.”

“With our fresh and gourmet cuisine and our great new location, Steamers is truly on the beach and off the hook,” Linda Coats added.

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