Steamers People are Life Savorers

· Southern Shores,Steamers News

We admit it. We may be a bit spoiled by the lifestyle here on the Outer Banks. But with its easy-going beach atmosphere, breathtaking scenery, friendly people and spirit of enjoying the moment, who could blame us?

That’s part of what Linda Coats and Chef Chris Braswell, Co-Owners of Steamers Restaurant, found so attractive about the area when they moved here nearly 25 years ago.

“There’s a special flavor here,” says Linda. “A zest for life that’s reinvigorating and relaxing at the same time. We love it here. The lifestyle is as fresh and natural as the scenery.”

Capturing the fresh, natural flavor of the area is what inspired Linda and Chris to start Steamers in 1994. They wanted to create an atmosphere that reflected—and enhanced—the lifestyle of the Outer Banks.

“I’ve always believed in cooking with ingredients that are the freshest and best quality possible,” says Chris. “We have the opportunity to do that on the Outer Banks, be it seafood, meats or vegetables. That’s what Fresh & Gourmet is about.”

Through their commitment to quality and freshness, Steamers has become an Outer Banks tradition for friends and family looking to feast on this wonderful lifestyle.

Bringing Even More Outer Banks Flavor To The Table

Today, more than ever before, Steamers is a celebration of the Outer Banks lifestyle that so enamored Linda and Chris—as well as countless others. With the opening of the new Steamers Restaurant in Southern Shores Crossing, we now have a dining environment to match the delicious Fresh & Gourmet cuisine.

“The Steamers lifestyle is better that ever,” says Linda. “With a full-service restaurant and bar (along with their famous take-out and being open year-round, people can come in just off the beach and immerse themselves in the best of the Outer Banks—delicious food, gorgeous views and an inviting, casual environment.”

“In so many ways, life on the Outer Banks is a feast,” Chris added. “It’s a place people cling to, coming back year after year to indulge their appetite for enjoyment. Nowhere is that more evident than at Steamers.”

The new Steamers is located just off the beach in Southern Shores Crossing at 1 Ocean Boulevard. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, with no break in between. Enjoy your Fresh & Gourmet feast anytime in the afternoon when the mood hits you.

We invite you to see what’s on the menu of the all-new Steamers Restaurant.