Fresh, Natural & Delicious is the Steamers Way

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Why Steamers? Because we care about the food you eat. We create value by serving the highest quality product available at the best possible price. Here’s the short scoop.

Fresh local dry scallops; our scallops come right out of the shell and are packed fresh with no added preservatives or sulfates. Most restaurants serve a “wet” scallop, scallops soaked for 1-4 days in a solution of water and Sodium Triolyphosphate. Our local dry scallops have a sweet, delicate flavor while a wet scallop can have a soapy or extremely salty aftertaste with little natural flavor. We’ll have none of that!

Kitty Hawk Soft Shell Crabs are another local delicacy we serve up from June until… Our soft shells are purchased exclusively from a local Kitty Hawk crabber who hand selects our crabs to meet our specifications. We thoroughly clean our crabs so nothing but the sweet blue crab flavor comes through, a technique that has kept soft shell crab enthusiasts coming back to us time and time again.

While seafood is our forte, we understand from 20 years of feeding folks that our guests like to have options and sometimes it is fun to mix it up! We offer you the best of Coastal North Carolina’s pulled pork BBQ and lean baby back ribs. Both are made with our own special rubs and sauces and are hormone and antibiotic free.

Steamers serves Coleman’s Natural Chicken; chickens raised with 100% vegetarian diets, no animal byproducts, antibiotics or hormones. Our birds are allowed to grow at their natural pace in a comfortable, reduced-stress environment – in spacious barns with plenty of room to run around, fresh air and continuous access to food and water, just as it should be!

Fresh, natural & delicious since 1994; guaranteed or your money back!