You Can Literally Taste the Excitement.

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Linda Coats, Co-Owner of Steamers, can hardly contain her excitement. “This is what we’ve always wanted,” says Linda. “To be open year-round and build a continuity of staff who are dedicated to quality and service. We’re just thrilled that it’s really happening.”

Steamers is set to open at its new location in Southern Shores soon. Along with being open year-round, Steamers will now offer lovers of its delicious Fresh & Gourmet cuisine the comfort of a full-service restaurant and bar. That means tables and chairs. Real plates, silverware and napkins. And a wait staff to attend to your every need.

The new Steamers will be open for lunch and dinner, with no break in between, says Chris Braswell, Chef and Co-Owner of Steamers. So you’ll be able to have your Fresh & Gourmet feast anytime in the afternoon when the mood hits you. Steamers is ideally located, just off the beach in Southern Shores Crossing at 1 Ocean Boulevard.

Feast Your Eyes, Too

Speaking of the beach, Linda is thrilled with the ambience of the new Steamers, which she says perfectly captures the relaxed feel of the Outer Banks. “It’s even better than what we were hoping for,” says Linda. “There’s a connection to our former place, but with a contemporary look and a natural beach feel and huge windows. You feel like you’re outside even when you’re inside.”

As for attire, Linda says it’s customers’ choice: “You can come dressed up or dressed down. You’re on the beach, do whatever feels right to you!”

An Outer Banks Tradition Made Even Better

Steamers actually started as a restaurant in 1994, then went exclusively to take-out in 1998. Chris says that because of their old location, it wasn’t feasible to be open year-round. “Moving to Southern Shores makes us more accessible to the whole island,” he explains. “It’s always been our wish to be open year-round again.”

Steamers will continue to offer its famous take-out featuring almost everything on our restaurant menu, except for a few items that don’t travel well.

“We’ve been a part of this community for a long time,” Linda added. “We’ve watched kids grow up and couples get married. We’re just so happy to be opening again—this time for good!”

We invite you to see what’s on the menu of the all-new Steamers Restaurant.